we are a profession hog roasting company that can provide specialist hog roast and spit roasts where customer want Gourmet standard food, including Porchetta, Boned and rolled legs of lamb cooked to pink, Roast joints of Beef to pink, wild boar, and Venison

Our Gourmet Banquets and Specialist Hog roasting Events have come about through people wanting small parties catered for or something a little different from the normal Hog Roast

First on the list is Porchetta,  the History of Porchetta and the traditional Italian way of having the whole pig deboned and filled with a herb filling, and then sewn back together on to a hog roast pole and roasted has been adapted by us to do on our specialist gas flamed machines. The way we do our Porchetta is to  debone legs and shoulders of pork, fill  the pork joints with a range of  the following fillings, Rosemary, Garlic, fresh sage, onion and apricot, orange, fennel seeds, sausage meat, and crushed red pepper flakes. We roll the Joints back together and tie back up ready for roasting. We can then either hog roast the joints static and baste them in our secret oils and salts to get a lovely crackling or spit roast them on a chicken spit.

Our Specialist Lamb dishes, The Salt marsh lambs that we use come from the Seasalter area and the now the only small area of Romney marsh that still produces Saltmarsh lambs, Our speciality is being able to cook large quantities of hog roasted boned and rolled  Lamb to pink for large numbers, all spit roasted to pink rested and carved. We do one lamb on the spit for a display carve, Joints are carefully hog roasted separately and to our secret temperatures that produces perfectly rested pink lamb

Our Gourmet Roast Boned and rolled leg of Lamb filled with an Apricot, Cranberry and rosemary stuffing and a chefs special gravy makes a great Specialist meal with our Roasted New potatoes, Roasted batons of parsnip and batons of carrots in a honey, cauliflower and broccoli, green beans, and sliced carrots. ( we do also use seasonal vegetables present at the time of the event)

Prime Rib of Beef Roast, This specialist cook done by us for two years running for the Senior Officers at Shornecliffe Barracks Folkestone is a dish to die for, If you love Roast Prime beef on the rib then this is a must as a second or third meat in a Carvery.  With one of the most expensive cuts of Beef on the bone you can ask for this meat must be cooked to perfection and we have all the skills to produce the ultimate hog roast Rib of Beef, the joint is prepared carefully with the following sifted flour with freshly ground pepper, salt, paprika, onion power, garlic powder, and this is slow roasted in the hog roast on a rack of root vegetables, creating a lovely mixture of flavours for the juices to make a great chefs special gravy. Oh and not to forget the Yorkshire puddings to accompany the carved beef, The Rack of Rib is cooked to our secret temperatures, rested and then carved to pink. Wow what a dish.

Our other Gourmet roasts include whole large Turkeys, or Turkey Crowns with a glaze, Wild Boar, and also Venison shot to order when in season.