The Brogdale Hog Roast Company likes to specialize in Bespoke Wedding Reception pakages. It is quite clear from our experience is that every Couple and family are wanting something Special, Exciting and Different to the everyday Wedding Reception and that is why you are looking at having a Hog Roast themed Reception meal that will provide quality food and a display of Theatre in the serving of the food.  

The vision of having a lovely Hog Roasted pig mounted about the hog roast machine, with golden Crackling and the smells of cooked pork wafting around just adds to the whole package and the chef then starts to carve the Hog in front of you.

However the Brogdale Hog  Roast Company offer a much wider service than just providing the Hog Roast.

Right from the moment you send us in an enquiry form from our website or ring for details, we start to give you a professional service that finishes in the service on your wedding day.  Once we receive you enquiry we will look at you basic outline and then give you a call to obtain further details and where necessary arrange to visit the Couple getting married and immediate family and have a full discussion on what the couple would ideally want and then work with them to build an outline of how the day will run and what sort of catering they will need.  This includes if required, information on Marquee hire, Wedding locations, catering equipment and glass ware and other incidentals that may be needed, and if you book with us we will manage all these extras, with time of arrivals, collection and specific requirements of the you the client.

So what do we offer you, 

The Brogdale Hog Roast Company has first class Chefs and kitchen assistants and front of house staff that can provide you the full Wedding Reception package that covers the whole day, or just the evening Hog Roast.

Our full Wedding Reception package includes, a home visit with you the clients to discuss and work through the initial Wedding day plan, the type of Food you require for the Wedding Breakfast and then any further food for the evening to include extra guests arriving.

Our Specialist Wedding Package which we highly recommend is the 

 Afernoon/Wedding Breakfast Vintage Afternoon Cream Tea

with Evening Hog Roast or Evening Hog Roast BBQ.

Afternoon Vintage Cream Teas with Evening Hog Roast.

Wedding Breakfast.

Reception Drinks served on arrival

Reception Drinks served on arrival (provided by you and served by Succulent Pig staff 

Followed by 

Vintage cream Teas

Selection of Sandwiches with white and Brown Bread.

Salmon and Cucumber

Plain Ham

Tuna and Mayo

Creamy Egg and Cress (vegetarian (Vegetarian)

Avocado paste with Sliced Cherry Tomato (vegan

        Cheese and Onion (vegetarian) 

Selection of Cakes

Plain and fruit Scones, Jam and Clotted Cream.

Lemon Drizzle cake

Carrot Cake

Chocolate fantasy cake



Victoria sponge cake

Tea and Coffee served at the tables

Evening Hog Roast

Hog Roast BBQ

A whole Slow Roasted Free Range with golden crackling

Prepared, cooked and carved by our Professionally Qualified Chefs served with Sage and Onion Stuffing,

Two flavour sausages (35 x pork and sage and 35 x hot rod slightly spicy),

and apple sauce to soft floured hot dog rolls, bread rolls.

Assortment of sauces

Home Made Vegetarian Option

Spanish/Mediterranean Quiche serves 8 people

6 x Roasted root vegetables with rice in spice stuffed in red pepper. Serves up to 12 people


A Whole  free range  pig roasted to perfection with Golden Crackling Sage and Onion Stuffing, Pork and sage sausages and slightly spiced sausages,

 100% beef burgers, BBQ chicken with peppers and onion, Halloumi with peppers and onions 

.Apple Sauce, Assortment of sauces and soft floured rolls. 

Your potato option from

Roasted New Potatoes in black pepper and Rosemary 

Loose leaf salad with whole and half cherry tomato.

A Mixture of Freshly Spring Leaves. Including Lambs Leaves, Curly Endive and Lollo Rosso. With Spring Onions,

Diced Cucumber and halved and whole cherry tomatoes. Hand-Dressed by our chefs

Pasta salad with Honey and Mustard

Tricoloured pasta twists, tossed with diced cucumber, Spring Onion.

Chopped tomatoes and celery mixed with Honey and mustard Dressing. 

Tomato and Mozzarella salad

Well sourced Tomatoes, sliced and layered with sliced Mozzarella. Drizzled with pesto dressing, seasoned with

rock salt, cracked black pepper and fresh basil. Adding colour and a vibrant flavour

and a

Creamy Handmade Coleslaw

Sliced red and white cabbage, chopped red and white onion and grated carrots

Mixed with a thick cream mayonnaise.

Vegetarian Option

Spanish Quiche and Roasted Root vegetables cooked in spice mixed with rice and

stuffed into a red pepper

We will supply disposable quality foam plates and plastic knives and forks and high quality serviettes for the evening food.


Wedding cake

Cut by you then removed by our chefs, cut and portioned and wrapped in a serviette.

Served buffet style or to the tables

Service included

This Service Includes:

front of house to serve your reception drinks on arrival if required,

Serve your Cream Teas and clean down the tables of the cream tea service.

Professional chef and Assistant to prepare and make all you sandwiches fresh on site and display all your sandwiches and cakes on to our Tiered cake stands and sandwich plates

 To Roast Your Meat 'From Scratch' At Your Venue.

Prepare All Salads and side Dishes to Be Created Freshly On Site.

Supply Gazebos Which We Roast and Serve Under.

(Should The Weather or Yourselves Require It)

Any Left-Over Meat to Be Either Carved and Served On a Platter, or to Be Disposed of.

Any other agreed service as stated in Contract or Quotation.

All Refuse to Be Discretely Removed and Disposed of Off Site for Your Convenience

If you look at the following Wedding Reception package then this gives an outline of our

Wedding Reception Package.

This can be adjusted to your personal requirements. 

Hand Made Canapes served together with you Reception Drink ( alcohol provided by you)

Starters Served to your tables or Buffet style on a tables outside.

Examples  Anti pasti platter  slate boards to tables or on a buffet table



(We can prepare and make handmade canapés and party bites and serve alongside your Reception drinks priced separately)

Your reception drinks prepared and served with the following canapé selection

Tray of seafood mix.

Filo prawns,

King prawns with pine apple

Spiced breadcrumb flavoured king prawns

Battered Butter fly king prawn

Sesame king prawn on toast

Served with a sweet chilli dip.

Vegetarian tray.

Mozzarella cheese bites,

Haloumi cheese kebabs on cocktail sticks

Button mushrooms filled with various flavoured cheeses and cooked in the oven.

Vegetable spring roll.

Mini pizzas

Tray of Pate and smoked Salmon

Duck pate served with sliver of orange on toast

Fillet of smoked salmon wrapped round small batons of cucumber on toast (bite size)

Tray of Flavoured Sausages from the Butcher of Brogdale

Selection of flavoured sausages cut to bite size and presented on a cocktail stick.

Pork n leek, pork and sage, lamb and mint, hot rod (slightly chilli flavoured)

Served warm

Tray of fruit cocktail

Selection of melon cubes, passion fruit and grapes on a cocktail stick

A pleasant mouth refresher before going to the dinner table

Guests to be served your chosen Reception drink as they come from the Wedding Service by our professionally trained front of house staff.


A Qualified chef and Kitchen assistant will prepare for you the following. Please choice from a free range apple fed pig, salt marsh lamb, beef, or chicken supplied by the award winning butcher The Butcher of Brogdale. (You may have two meats quoted extra) These meats are cooked to perfection, the Pig with golden Crackling and the Salt marsh lamb is seasoned with Rosemary and Garlic, other meats seasoned accordingly.   Your chosen Meat is carved for you as you come to get your food Buffet style from our Serving tables covered with crisp white Linen.  Served with you meats will be the following Sage and onion Stuffing, Apple sauce, Mint sauce, Red Current Sauce. Soft rolls either at Serve table or on side plate.

Please choose from

Roasted new potatoes in Rosemary and Garlic or Minted new potatoes tossed in Melting Butter

Please choose from

Seasonal Vegetables

Batons of Parsnips and carrots with a Honey Glaze, Broccoli and cauliflower, Green beans and sliced carrots, (an alternative vegetable can be used)

Chefs special Gravy made with Gluten free gravy granules, meat juices, red wine, red currant jelly. Bread Rolls and butter portions will placed on to side plates.


Or Salad Selection.

Choose from Greek salad, Caesar, Waldorf or loose leaf salad,

 You get all the following

Pasta salad with Garlic and herb dressing, Tomato and mozzarella with torn basil leaves and pesto drizzle,

Creamy Handmade Coleslaw.

The following Vegetarian Options will be offered,

Spanish or Mediterranean Quiche (serves 12) and

Roasted Root Vegetables in Spice and mixed with rice and stuffed into a Roasted Red or Green Pepper.

Depending on the number of Vegetarians extra quiches will be added


We can provide individually cooked Salmon Steaks En Papillote (as an option extra at £8.50 each.)

 or a Dressed Salmon of approximately 5-6 kilos with prawn, king prawns  £150

These are salmon steaks, placed in parchment paper with slices of lemon and lime, fresh dill and parsley and South African white wine Poured over the Salmon Steak which is sealed inside the parchment paper and roasted in the oven, the Salmon is served to the guest still wrapped so that they can open the Package and have all the aromours waft out and all the juices are there to be savoured.    The whole salmon is cooked the same way but then chilled and prepared on the day of the Wedding.


The Wedding Breakfast is served Buffet style by the Chef, Assistant and with the help of some of the front of house staff.

After you and your guests have been given time to have seconds and everyone has finished on a table our Front of house staff will clear the tables of plates and used cutlery.

You then have a choice here.

WE can serve to you either

Desserts dressed with summer fruits and cream

Our experience it is best to go for one Dessert,

Our most popular and fitting Dessert after the Hog Roast meal is

White Chocolate and Raspberry Brulee cheese cake (we have a number other choices if not to your liking)

Served to your tables by our Front of House Staff

If you choose this option the front of house staff will clear Dessert plates as a whole table finished eating and

Serve toasting charged Glasses with your provided Drink and Speeches will start

The wedding cake would be cut when you choose, we will remove it for you and cut and portion and wrap in serviettes

The wrapped cake portions will be put on tray and placed on to a buffet table.


We will ask you to slice your wedding cake and then we remove it and whilst you have speeches and toasts

(The toasting Drinks will be served to you table before Slicing the cake)

The chef and assistants will cut and portion your Wedding Cake, plate it on Fruit caulis, dress with summer fruits and

Piped chantelle cream, and then the front of house will serve your wedding Cake to the tables as a Dessert.


Front of house staff will when everyone on a table has finished eating clear the dessert plates.

If you are having evening Guests we do offer our

Wedding Evening Hog Roast themed BBQ

A chef to cook on the Hog Roast BBQ plate and serve for up to two hours.

This allows evening guests to enjoy hog roast meats from earlier in the day safely reheated through, and the day time guests to savour our four Brogdale handmade sausages, pork and leek, Pork sage and onion, Flaming Hot (nice chilli kick) and the lamb and mint and the Brogdale 100% Beef Burgers, chicken kebabs, Veggie kebabs, rolls, and an assortment of Sauces to go with the BBQ served with serviettes, quality paper plates and plastic knives and forks,

All cooked meats at the end of cooking and service will be placed onto a Buffet table for guests to help themselves, Black bags will be left for disposal at the end of the night should we have left.

We do not run licenced bars but if you need to have bar staff to serve you own pre-bought alcohol and free bar then we can provide staff.


We can on your behalf obtain quotes for your table linen any glassware that you will need for your event, we will manage the arrangements and delivery times, all we ask you to do is pay our supplier separate and his terms are Cash on Delivery,

Our supplier of Crockery and cutlery is At Your Service Orpington and if you book with us we will give you a choice of three quality styles of plate ware which we will show you at an appropriate time, At Your Service will if you book with them your table linen and glassware give you a 10% discount.

We will clear away and take with us all our rubbish apart from any food left as a buffet for which we will leave black bags for later disposal, we will quietly go about our business and treat you and guest with respect and courtesy, we will discretely leave and let you continue to enjoy your dancing and socialising.  We wish you the very best for your future together.

We ask for 10 per cent deposit to be paid to secure the booking.